The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks (Book Summary)

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Vanessa thought that her husband, Richard, was perfect. The two of them met on an airplane. Richard has his own nickname for Vanessa, which is Nellie. They married and moved to the suburbs and tried to lead an everyday life, where Richard works and Vanessa stays at home and makes sure everything’s all set when Richard gets home. She thought that she got so lucky to marry Richard, who is very understanding and generous. However, she was wrong. Seven years later, Richard asked her to leave. Vanessa currently lives with her Aunt Charlotte since Richard already sent him outside, and he will be marrying someone else soon. Richard is already engaged to Emma, his assistance. He had an affair with Emma while still being married to Vanessa. Vanessa never thought that Richard would end up marrying Emma. She was sad at first, but all she wanted was to save Emma from Richard. Continue reading The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks (Book Summary)