The Good Place Season 3 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 3 Summary


Michael kept going back on earth to make sure Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani, and Jason met and helped each other. When they were already together to participate in Chidi’s study – another participant showed up – Trevor. He is a demon from the wrong place.


Since Trevor is trying to intervene, Michael and Janet also go to earth to ensure everything is going well. The judge discovered them and banned them from land, but Michael and Janet escaped to the world. Continue reading The Good Place Season 3 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 2 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 2 Summary


They started again, attempt no. 2. Michael’s plan is to make Eleanor drunk, but it wasn’t what happened. Eleanor didn’t get drunk, but Tahani did; she even pushed Eleanor and caused a fire. Eleanor found Chidi, and they talked – he knows the book where Eleanor’s note was written. Chidi, Jason, and Tahani gathered at Eleanor’s house – and Eleanor figured it out again. Michael once again reset their memories, and here goes attempt no. 3 Continue reading The Good Place Season 2 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 1 (Summary)

The Good Place Season 1 Summary


Eleanor Shellstrop died and ended up in a suitable place, but there has been a mistake – she was wawasn’the lawyer who helped innocent people on death row. She knows that shshe’sot meant to be in a good place but shshe’serrified of the wrong place. The excellent place experienced giant flying bugs, shrimps, and giraffes because Eleanor was horrible at the people during a party. Continue reading The Good Place Season 1 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 1 (Summary)

Dead to Me Season 1 Summary


Jen Harding joined a support group after her husband died in a hit and run. Jen met Judy Hale, and they became friends. Jen found out that Judy’s fiancé was alive (Judy claimed that he died), and they only broke up because Jen kept having miscarriages. They reconciled, and Jen offered her guest house for Judy to stay.

Judy owns a car that has a dent.

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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Summary)

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Summary


Secretary Kim worked for Chairman Lee Young-Joon (A narcissist) for 9 years, and she has decided to quit. She wants time for herself since she has already paid her father’s loans. Lee Young-Joon gets anxious and tries to figure out why Kim suddenly wants to leave. Kim revealed that she wanted to get married, and the Chairman said she would allow her to marry him. Continue reading What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (Summary)

Hotel Del Luna (Summary)

Hotel Del Luna Summary


The year is 1998. A man was dying and ended up in the Hotel. He attempted to steal but was eventually caught. To escape, he sold his son to Jang Man Wol – the hotel owner. In 2019, Man Wol went after the man’s son, Koo Chan Sung, and asked him to work at the Hotel.

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Miss Granny Movie Review and Summary

Movie Review:

I cried twice on this movie because it shows how far a mother would go through just to feed her child, but don’t get me wrong, this movie is still on the side of comedy.

What made me choose this movie is the first movie that I watched for a very long time, and this is not a movie I just stumbled upon on the internet. I really searched for this. This is sadly not available on youtube, so I really hoped I could get a copy for this online. I wanted to watch this because I saw a trailer of its remake this 2018, and I read somewhere that this is initially a Korean movie. Continue reading Miss Granny Movie Review and Summary

Bad Genius (Movie Summary and Review)


It started when Lynn was accepted as a scholar in a private school. Because she’s brilliant, she started helping her best friend and cheated on her on one exam. She wrote all the answers on the eraser and passed it to her best friend – why her best friend gave it and why the significant cheating started. Since her best friend’s boyfriend heard about how the affair happened, they offered Lynn a considerable amount of money if she answered them during the exam. She figured out a way to cheat. Continue reading Bad Genius (Movie Summary and Review)

Bad Moms (Movie Summary)

Amy was very busy taking care of her two kids, her job, and being a good wife. She has always been late, but she’s trying her best. One night she caught her husband having an affair with someone online, so she sent him out. She struggled after that, but after a very long day, she felt like quitting. She drank in a bar and met her friends whose kids go to the same school as hers. They decided they were bad moms and decided to stress less. Continue reading Bad Moms (Movie Summary)

The Lovers (Movie Summary)

The Lovers (2017)

Married couple Mary and Michael were each having affairs. Mary is having an experience with Robert, and Michael is having an affair with Lucy. Continue reading The Lovers (Movie Summary)