WordyGreetings FAQs

What’s the size of the Wall arts?

By default, the JPG files you will receive are 8 x 10 inches and 12 x 12 inches. However, if you prefer a different size or if you already have a frame that’s in a different size, you can request for ANY size from me. Just send me a message after purchase.

What’s the format?

All Digital Products will be in JPG (300 DPI for best quality printing). Only the cutting guide listing will be in PDF. If you prefer the file to be in PDF – please send as a message on Etsy or via email (lucy.foreverwinter@gmail.com) after you place the order.

What do you mean by 300 DPI?

If an image has a resolution of 300 DPI, this means that every inch contains 300 dots of ink . Photographers and graphic designers typically use 300 DPI as a benchmark for printing high-quality images.