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Years with Astrid: a novella

Noah and Elisse were the perfect couple. Their love story stretching from high ​school through college and beyond. They were each other's first love and were ​considered as the perfect match. However, this story is about Astrid.

Astrid exists because the perfect match didn’t get their perfect ending.

BOOKS 1 - 4

Within Endings

Within Endings tells our story through poems I wrote during the duration of ​our relationship - from the highs and lows, from love and lies, from beginning ​until the end.

BOOKS 1 & 2

The Transition

In this books of poems, I share my journey of trying to heal. After ending a ​long-term relationship, I jumped into another one just two weeks later, full of ​hope that I had found the right guy. A year later, I found out all about this new ​guy's betrayal. (Spoiler: I'm still with him.)


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