Getting Even (Poem #60)

I thought all I needed was an instant relief
I grabbed whatever was on the shelf
fearing that I could not replace
what I used to have on my hand

I did it because
I thought I needed someone to hold

to calm me down

I did it because
I thought it was the only way to cleanse myself

from the stains I had from you

I did it because
I thought that the only way to heal a wound

is to immediately patch it up

I did it because
I thought there was no longer a way out

aside from asking someone else to pull me up

I did it because
I thought that the only way to recover

is to reciprocate what you did

Inlove With The Bad (Poem #59)

The voice that echoed the curses
the voice that told me that I’m gonna be left behind
is the same voice I’ve been waiting to hear all this time

Your dark side that I hated
turned out to be the first thing that I missed

Your firm arms that once passed through a wall
when you lost your temper
the arms that pushed me away
were the very same arms
I’d now love to pull me closer

Right now I am afraid that years later
form you, I won’t be totally free
years later I might find myself
caressing the scars you gave me

A Chance (Poem #58)

It is heartbreaking to think
that you intended to truly love me
but ended up falling for someone new accidentally
because I was rain
and she was a thunderstorm

I gave you warmth
but she could burn you down

I make you gasp
but she makes you out of breath

So I guess I must accept
that destiny must have carved the stars
so I can have you
before she comes along

They gave me a chance with you
before you went to where you truly belong

I’d Write About Disaster (Poem #57)

I’d write about a song out of tune
I’d write about never ending roads
that lead to the wrong destination

I’d write about cancelled plans
and late night calls
just to be left hanging in the morning

I’d write about I love yous to the wrong person
and I love you toos without the feeling

I’d write about a love gone wrong
I’d writing about us, being disastrous
and how I think it was beautiful all along.

One Girl to Another (Poem #55)

The light he gave you

maybe stolen from someone else


the smile he showed you

could hide the tears

of some other girl who fell


The words he whispered

could have passed through the thoughts

of the girl who owned the tears

and his scent may give you chills

but ever wonder about the girl he left

who is still clinging to the scent

he left on her bed?


You are not meant to ease

the misery of another girl

but you are meant to know

that he may claim he loves you

but last night he ignored the pain

of the girl who can’t let him go

Love As Fire (Poem #54)

Love comes in different forms

sometimes it gives you a slight friction

sometimes it forms a spark

then it gives you fireworks

that feels like its only gonna last an hour


But there is this love

that ignites like a forest fire

you find yourself beneath ashes

most of the time you’ll find yourself in tears

but if you’re lucky

you emerge with someone else,

holding your hand.

Gone Too Soon (Poem #53)

The tiny spark we had

and the fire we started

burnt the both of us down

before we realized

that we haven’t had enough


From arms wrapped around each other

to merely waving, to merely glancing

from sharing the cold side of the bed

to turning heads

to walking the other way

to adding fuel to the rage


Now all that’s left is to ignore your ghost

consider the potential lovers

and end up crying every night

knowing that no one can ever take over

The Scars I Got (Poem #51)

Admired when I am shining

pushed down even more

when I am struggling

And when I got jealous of all these girls

you shut me up

like being able to feel flood of emotion was my fault

And when I can’t help

but turn you down on a late night call

you yell into my ear

until I am not dead sleepy anymore

When I can’t help but say no

you push me to my limits

until a yes is all that’s left

Now I wonder why

everytime we touch

you always ask where my scars are coming from

Does it take too much

to look at your own hands?